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Friends often ask me how to select the “right” typeface. Choosing the appropriate typeface for a poster, logo, or publication can be a daunting task due to the sheer volume of options. Many times, locating the perfect typeface is a combination of function, aesthetics, and attention to detail. Here are a few helpful tips to aid in your decision.


  1. Legibility:
    There are tons of typefaces available but if it is tough to read, avoid it. Small type may look fantastic on screen but can be very difficult to read. Building off this, do not use a decorative typeface for large quantities of text. I recommend using a serif or sans serif typeface instead. Save the handwritten and decorative typeface for titles, logos, and other small lines of type.

Hard To Read Type

  1. Usability:
    What is the typeface being used for, a logo for a small boutique or for a brochure on pest control? Be mindful of the purpose of the design. A brochure about bed bugs will look very different from a chic store sign. Each project has different requirements. Logos are a great time to experiment with typefaces that you would not typically use to explain bedbug removal.


  1. Body Language:
    Does the typeface feel friendly, confident, sophisticated, timid, or unapproachable? Like people, typefaces give off different vibes. Look for a typeface that is consistent with your overall message or theme.

Examples of Type - Body Language

  1. Audience:
    Who is going to be reading the information? Are you appealing to teenagers or baby boomers? Bat lovers from the city or disco fanatics who reside in small towns? Be sure to define your audience before starting your design.


  1. Visual Appeal:
    How does the typeface look? Does it make you want to keep reading or run far, far away? Look for a versatile typeface that has a variety of weights such as thin, book, medium, and bold. This will give you many options while maintaining unity in your type design.

type examples - width

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