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Artist Profile: Sumhr Giboney

If you live in Atlanta, you have seen the wooden ATL signs that are popping up at artist markets, retail stores like Crafted Westside, and along the Beltline. The signs are one of the many cool creations by Sumhr Giboney, owner and lead sign designer at Polly Ann Collection. Sumhr carefully hand cuts custom wooden signs for businesses, home decor, kids, and even dogs.

Sumhr ATL sign

Photo by: Jason Holland Photography

How did you get the idea to start creating custom signs?

 After renovating our new home almost two years ago, I wanted to make a custom sign for our living room area that said “Atlanta”. I used my saw (that at that time had only been used to cut letters for wood scrapbook designs) to cut the letters and the background. After friends and family came to visit, they’d ask where I got it and if I could make them one. The rest is history!

On Instagram, you show some serious saw power. How did you become interested in wood working?

When I first started my business several years ago, I would source wood letters and designs from any brick and mortar or online store that would sell them. I began to get frustrated with long travel times, stores being out of stock or expensive shipping costs. My husband threw out the suggestion to buy a saw and cut everything myself and initially I blew him off. About one month later, I caved. That was the first of many strategic decisions that changed the way I do business today.

Sumhr with Pippa Sign

Photo by: Jason Holland Photography

You are constantly creating new products like personalized wooden dog bones and wood cutouts. Where do you find the inspiration for your products?

My community is extremely diverse and I’m inspired by the things they are doing in Atlanta and beyond. Being an innovative business owner means you find and fill gaps where you see the need. I’ve been fortunate that a lot of my random ideas have caught on!

What is the most challenging aspect of your business?

I work full time and travel throughout my 5-state region 70% of the time. I may have a customer schedule a site visit at the last minute (how rude, ha!) and it will completely shift my production schedule for the week.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs who are thinking about launching their own products?

Be original. Find your niche and make your products stand out. Build a community by being supportive of others and they will support your efforts too!

Sumhr with Logo Sign

Photo by: Jason Holland Photography

You are an extremely busy lady, where will you be selling your signs next?

You can find my ATL signs at Crafted locations in Lenox Mall and West Side Provisions. Also, you can find me and my fab new booth design at the ATL Girl Gang Member’s Mart on Sunday, November 4th!

And if we can’t make it, what is the best way to order a custom sign?

You can shop all of my products in my Etsy shop 24/7! Visit to place your order!






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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Printing Business Cards

Clients and friends often ask me questions about commercial printers. It can be quite daunting to have something printed, especially if you are unfamiliar with the basic concepts and terms. If you are printing business cards or flyers for the first time, here are a few key ideas to better understand the process.

Meg Link Design Business Card Design


RGB and CMYK are color models. RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue and is an additive color model, which means if you add the colors together in equal parts they will create the color white. RGB is the color model of the web and is what you see on your laptop, digital camera, or computer monitor. The colors are bright because they are based on light.

CYMK is short for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (or Black ) and refers to the 4 inks used in commercial printing to reproduce a full color image. CYMK is also called 4 color process or process color. Typically, CYMK colors look duller on a computer screen than RGB colors since CYMK is a subtractive model with a smaller range of colors. When you send a file to a commercial printer such as Moo, Vistaprint, or a local press, it should be CYMK.

Pantone Color Book

Spot Color:

Spot Colors are premixed inks such as the Pantone Matching System (PMS). Spot colors ensure greater color accuracy and are often used for logos in offset printing. These inks can be more vibrant than CYMK or process color. Each spot color requires its own printing plate on an offset printer.


Poster Design by Meg Link


Resolution refers to the number of pixels an image contains. A pixel is the building block of an image, much like the cell is the building block of the body. PPI, or pixels per inch, counts the number of pixels in a square inch of a computer screen. Typically, 300 ppi is the standard resolution for commercial printing. When you print a photograph with a resolution below 300ppi it may look grainy or pixelated.

Don’t Make Me Bleed:

When the printed area of a document extends beyond the point where the print will be trimmed, it is called a bleed. Basically, a bleed gives the printer wiggle room for trimming the document.

Meg Link Design Atlanta postcard

Offset vs. Digital Printing?

Both offset printing and digital printing have their own benefits. Offset printing can result in a higher quality print and more accurate colors since offset printing inks a sheet of paper using etched metal plates. These metal plates are specifically made for each job. Due to the initial print setup costs, offset printing is typically used for larger print runs of over a thousand prints. To learn more about offset printing, watch this short video.

Over the years digital printing has become increasingly economical. Digital printers do not use plates since they apply toner directly to paper using rollers called drums. There is not much of a setup process for digital prints, so it is a great choice for smaller print runs and prints that you need in a hurry.

If you have any questions about printing, reach out to me on Instagram at @meglinkdesign.