Warmest Wishes…Holiday Postcard Design

I will be the first to admit, I have been stressing about my holiday card design since July. Inspired by the illustrated map of my old neighborhood, I decided to create a map of my current home, Atlanta, and the idea bloomed from there. I started by tracing a roadmap of the city in Photoshop. I used a dotted paint brush to give the map a kinetic energy invoking Atlanta’s never ending stream of traffic.

Road Map of Atlanta

Next came the skyscrapers. They were my initial impression of the city, the evening I drove into town for the first time. I drew the skyline based on the view heading west on Freedom Parkway. I flattened the perspective of the buildings to add more character to the illustration and give the skyline a simplified, retro feel. The giant peach was a necessity in a city where the main drag is Peachtree Street.

Atlanta Sketches

Mock Up of Holiday Postcard

After much experimentation, I used the typeface Pacifico by the talented type designer, Vernon Adams. Pacifico is one of my favorite typefaces since it has a casual, nostalgic design. It has a heavier weight to its letter forms, which makes it perfect for placing on top of busy illustrations.

“Warmest wishes” started as a inside joke, sending sending some of Atlanta’s warm weather to my relatives in the cold northern cities who refuse to visit…and the holiday card developed from there.

Holiday Postcard featuring the Atlanta skyline.