Beach Typography

Screenshot from InstagramWith Labor Day marking the unofficial end of summer, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my August vacation project. I spent two weeks in Ocean City, Maryland photographing the alphabet. Each day I posted letters to Instagram under my meglinkdesign account. My only rule was the letters had to be organic or geometric forms found in the environment, preferably beachy in nature. I veered away from parking lots, shopping carts, and anything generic that could be easily spotted at home.

Every morning, I rose with the goal of spotting two letters. I tried to tie in my letter spotting activities with my bayside dog walks. If I was unhappy with my shots, I hit the beach in the afternoon searching for additional images. This exercise made me very aware of form, I was constantly scanning the environment for “hard letters” like Q, R, and W. My family started scouting out letters as well. Anyone eavesdropping would be delighted to know my Mom spotted a good K by the boardwalk.

Over the two weeks, I took some interesting photos, focusing on different textures and forms that I would not usually see. My favorite shots are Q , T, and V. The most frustrating part of the project was seeing a great shot for a letter I had already posted or having to photograph a letter under the wrong light conditions.

I am excited to revisit this project next year, perhaps photographing the same objects over again.

Beach Inspired Found Typography Alphabet