Branding: Some Thoughts Behind the Design

Every logo design is a unique challenge for a graphic designer. It requires research, analysis, and the ability to distill complex themes or ideas into a simple, memorable form. I recently designed an identity for an outdoor summer party. The client wanted a logo that projected a multicultural beach party in their city.

After some initial research, I created several thumbnail sketches. Here are just a few:

Thumnail Sketches

From my preliminary sketches, I moved to the computer and fleshed out a few quick ideas since I had a tight deadline. I incorporated the themes of music and the beach in a city backdrop. Selecting an appropriate typeface is just as important as the imagery featured in the design. Since the logo needed to appeal to a variety of ages, I experimented with several display type styles and settled on a mix of a calligraphic and a sans-serif typeface. The casual vintage feel of a hand-lettered typeface juxtaposed nicely with the modern sans-serif type design.  Beach meets the Streets LogosTo reinforce the hand drawn aspect of the typefaces, I altered the terminals of the letters to have more rounded forms. The most challenging aspect of the design was incorporating the catch phrase without sacrificing the form of the logo and keeping the visual clutter to a minimum. A successful logo should be legible at an array of sizes from a business card to a billboard.

Summer in the City Logo color variations

For more information about branding I recommend reading The Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier. It is one of my favorite books on this topic.