St Patrick’s Day: New Customs for a New City

In Baltimore, St Patrick’s Day is a huge celebration culminating in massive street parties, corned beef, green beer, and leprechauns aplenty. The city residents humorously refer to the pandemonium as “amateur hour.” The celebration in Atlanta is a bit more tame, one of the highlight’s being the St. Patrick’s Day Parade down Peachtree Street which includes a diverse group from marching bands and bag pipes to Star Wars characters and llamas. Here are a few of my favorite participants.

Now I just need some corned beef recommendations and I’m all set.

Greyhounds dressed for St Patricks' Day
Star Wars Character dressed for St Patricks' Day
Vintage Firetruck
Dancers dressed for St Patricks' Day

Marching Band 
Ghostbusters of Atlanta

Llamas dressed for St Patricks' Day